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We're happy to answer questions via phone, email, or text message.
Many of the questions we get are about bouncy castle rentals.
We hope the following will help answer some of your questions
before you contact us.  

What kind of inflatables do you have?

Our inflatables come in different shapes and sizes for different age groups. We have inflatables for dry play and inflatables for wet play.  For dry play, our inflatables include basic bouncers, units with slides, units with obstacles, units with balls, and units with slides, obstacles and balls. For wet play, we offer water slides and paddling pools for use on land, and floats for use in a swimming pool.

How do I choose a bouncy castle?

Our website is designed to help you chose the most suitable castle for your event. You can select a bouncy castle according to the age range you want the equipment to cater to, the amount of space you have available, or the features you'd like the castle to have. If you’re having a themed party, you can search for units that match the theme.

Do any of your bouncy castles fit inside a house or apartment?

We have set up bouncy castles in many homes before but it all depends on the space available.  If you let us know the length, breadth and height of the space available we can let you know what can fit into that area.

Can adults use your bouncy castles?

We have many units which are suitable for adults. Units that have no upper age limit specified "e.g. 2 years & above" can be used by adults. The recommended age range for each bouncy castle should always be followed. Adults accompanying a small child into a bouncy castle should never bounce inside.  If  they lose their balance, they may fall on top of a child.

How long may I rent the bouncy castle for?

As long as you like, subject to availability at the time of booking. We will just work out the hiring fees accordingly. If you want to  rent a unit overnight, it should preferably be set up in a secure, enclosed, covered location. 

Is the set-up and take-down time counted as part of the rental duration?

No. If you book, say, from 2 to 6 pm, the equipment will be ready no later than 2 pm and collected from 6 pm onwards. We will arrive early enough to set up the equipment by 2 pm.

On the day of my event, when will the bouncy castle be delivered and collected?

It depends on our delivery schedule for that day. We assign delivery and collection slots after bookings are confirmed (with receipt of a completed and signed booking form as well as full payment). As we often have several events starting and ending around the same time, we may need to deliver much earlier than required and collect later than expected. If the venue for your event is only available for a limited amount of time, please let us know early so we can arrange suitable times for delivery and collection.

How much does it cost to hire a bouncy castle?

Our rental and delivery fees depend on several factors. We don’t charge a day’s rate if the rental period is just for a few hours. Our rental fees depend on the castle chosen, and on the date, duration and time of the event.  

Our delivery fees depends on the location (which part of Singapore) and on the ease of access between the parking/unloading area and the set-up location. Please let us know the address or the name of the road/building/district where the event will be held so that we can work out the fees for you.  

We give discounts for birthday parties, school and charity events.  Do share with us what kind of event you're planning so we can let you know if your event is eligible for a discount.

May I collect the bouncy castle from your office and set it up myself?

Our bouncy castles are not lightweight toy/personal-use inflatables. They are all heavy-duty, commercial-grade units that are too big for a car.  Some are even too big for a van.  Each bouncy castle comes with accessories such as one or more large, heavy-duty blowers, long extension cords, commercial-grade safety mats, a safety sign and a sign stand.  If set-up is outdoors, we also provide ground sheets, ropes and stakes.

A commercial-grade bouncy castle is heavy and should only be transported, set up and taken down by trained personnel for safety reasons. 

Are your bouncy castles clean?

Yes, we always clean and sanitise a bouncy castle before and after every event. We use an industrial-strength antiseptic solution that is also purchased by many clinics and childcare centres.  We also spend a lot of time airing and drying our castles outdoors in the hot sun and not inside a building. This is the best and most natural way to sanitise equipment and prevent mould from growing.

What are the rules for using a bouncy castle?

Players should go in bare-footed and empty-handed, and refrain from doing anything that may hurt themselves or anyone on or near the castle.  When you book a bouncy castle from us, we will send you a list of safety rules. We will also provide signage listing the  rules when we do the set-up.

Does the bouncy castle have to be supervised?

Most definitely. Bouncy castles must be supervised by at least one responsible adult at all times. Larger units require more than one supervisor. Supervisors have to maintain crowd control and make sure that players follow all the safety rules listed in our booking form and on the safety sign. Supervisors must also check that players fall within the age range specified for the castle and that the capacity of the castle is not exceeded.  Accidents can occur when a bouncy castle is unsupervised and  safety rules are not followed.

May I hire someone from your company to supervise the bouncy castle?

I’m afraid not. Our delivery guys are usually fully occupied with set-ups, collections and maintenance, and are not available to take on other responsibilities.  We may, however, be able to give you a list of freelancers who can do the job. 

How safe are your bouncy castles?

Like any playground equipment, a bouncy castle is safe when used properly under supervision.  Children playing on bouncy castles tend to get boisterous when having fun, and there's always a chance of collisions, bumps and bruises.  As long as responsible supervisors maintain crowd control and ensure that all safety rules and operating procedures are followed, the chances of accidents will be minimised.

Our bouncy castles are heavy-duty commercial-grade units which are manufactured, mostly in the USA or the UK, according to strict safety regulations for the commercial rental market. They are made out of fire retardant, lead-free, commercial-grade coated vinyl and sewn with heavy-duty industrial thread. They also have extra reinforcement and structural support features so that they don’t sag or tear easily like bouncy castles made for personal use.  The blowers for our bouncy castles are durable, heavy-duty, water-resistant units which can run continuously for many hours.

How far in advance should I book the bouncy castle?

We take bookings up to a year in advance, and many of our clients book several months ahead of time to secure the items they want.  We recommend that bookings be made as early as possible.  Occasionally we get booked out several weeks in advance.


Generally, we close bookings for every weekend on the Wednesday of that week so that we have time to sort out paperwork, process payments and arrange manpower and transportation, but we will accept late bookings even on the day of the event if we can squeeze in the delivery.  A late booking fee may be charged for bookings made after the closing date.

How do I make a booking?

Once you decide what you’d like to book, let us know when and where your event will be held and we will check for availability. If the item is available, we will reserve it for you and email you a booking form and payment details. To confirm your reservation, we will require the booking form to be filled out and sent to us with full payment. 

How can I make payment?

We can accept cash or a cheque or a bank transfer or a funds transfer using Paynow or Paylah. We are not able to accept payment by NETS or Paypal or credit card. 

If the bouncy castle is set up outdoors, what happens if it rains? Do you have a wet weather policy?

We use water-resistant blowers from the UK so our castles may be left inflated and used in the rain.  If there is thunder and lightning, children should take cover indoors. The castles need only be shut down if the wind is strong (over 20 mph/32 kph). Once the rain stops, the castle may be wiped dry before the children go on again.

Rain is a common occurrence in tropical Singapore so if you're planning an outdoor event, please consider getting tentage or have alternative set-up locations as backup in case of inclement weather.  We are unable to give refunds should it rain during an outdoor event because it requires much more time and effort to pack up, transport and clean a wet castle than a dry one.

If you cancel the booking on the day of your event because of inclement weather and BEFORE THE EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN DELIVERED, we will keep 50% of your payment as a cancellation fee to pay for committed manpower and transportation expenses.   The rest of your payment can be transferred to your next event provided it takes place within 12 months of the original date of your event.

What is your cancellation policy for rental of inflatables?

We require a booking form to be filled out and full payment to be made to confirm a booking. If a booking for inflatable equipment is cancelled at least 48 hours before the start of the agreed rental period, the payment may be used for another event provided it takes place within 12 months of the original event date and if the event is for the same client (i.e. the payment is not transferrable to another hirer).  The rebooking should be done at least a month before the date of the new event and we will calculate the hiring fee for that event based on the requirements of that event and on the rates applicable at the time of rebooking.

If a booking for play equipment is cancelled less than 48 hours before the start of the agreed rental period and before the equipment has been delivered, we will keep 50% of the payment as a cancellation fee to pay for committed manpower and transportation expenses.  The rest of the payment may be used for another event provided it takes place within 12 months of the original event date and if the event is for the same client (i.e. the payment is not transferrable to another hirer).  The rebooking should be done at least a month before the date of the new event and we will calculate the hiring fee for that event based on the requirements of that event and on the rates applicable at the time of rebooking. Once the equipment has been delivered to the event venue, we will not be able to give any credit.

For an event taking place on a public holiday or the eve of a major public holiday, we require that payment be made at least 14 days before the event to confirm the booking. Notice of cancellation has to be given at least 72 hours before the event in order for us to transfer the entire payment to another date.

Do you sell bouncy castles?

Currently we have some new bouncy castles for sale, and we occasionally sell our rental units after they have been used for a while. If you are interested in purchasing a commercial-grade bouncy castle, please let us know the age range you want the bouncy castle to cater to and the dimensions of the space available for the bouncy castle so we can let you know if we have anything suitable for sale.

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