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Our latex balloons may be air-filled or helium-filled.  Helium-filled balloons are usually tied to curling ribbon that's about 1.5 m (5 ft) long.  Longer ribbons may be provided for a small fee.  Balloon weights are optional and can be added to the order if required.


In tropical and humid Singapore, air-filled balloons can last a few days but helium-filled latex balloons can only last 6 - 8 hours (provided they are not placed out in the sun or near sharp, rough surfaces).


Please do not ever release helium-filled balloons to the sky as they can harm animals and the environment when they come down.  


Examples of Plain Latex Balloons

Examples of Printed Latex Balloons

Examples of 17 - 18" Foil Balloons

Examples of Jnr Shape Foil Balloons

Examples of Supershape Foil Balloons

Examples of Bubble Balloons

Examples of Orbz Balloons

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