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A MIRROR BALL is an essential accessory for any disco/dance party. Ours comes with a battery-operated spinning MOTOR to turn the ball continuously during use.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet



. Special Effects (FX) Equipment

. 300 mm (11.8") in diameter

. Requires suspension from a Strong, Secure Point on a ceiling or from a High Beam

. For use only in areas with no strong wind (Indoors or Under Cover)

General Notes:


Our rental fees depend on the date, duration of rental and time of day, and our delivery fees depend on the location (i.e. which part of Singapore) and on the ease of access between the parking/ unloading area and the set-up location. If you'd like to get a quote, please give as much information as possible regarding when and where your event is taking place.  Thank You!



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