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Our Antari S-100 II DMX SNOW MACHINE is a powerful, high pressure, large output machine that can produce a huge quantity of snow and blow it a considerable distance. The durable motor is cradled on rubber cushions within the case so that vibration is kept to a minimum while allowing high output. The remote control can be used to adjust both area coverage and volume of snow produced. Rent it for Christmas functions or for "Frozen"-themed parties and watch the kids react with awe and delight.



. Special Effects (FX) Equipment

. 508 mm (20") long x 279 mm (11") wide x 222 mm (8.75") high

. Uses 1L of snow juice every 4.5 minutes (tank capacity is 5L)

. Comes with a tall stand

. For use only in areas with no strong wind (Indoors, Under Cover or Outdoors)

. Requires Direct and Exclusive access to ONE power point (13 amp, 220 volt) (Power consumption: 600W)

General Notes:

Our rental fees depend on the date, duration of rental and time of day, and our delivery fees depend on the location (i.e. which part of Singapore) and on the ease of access between the parking/ unloading area and the set-up location. Please give as much information as possible regarding when and where your event is taking place when you contact us for a quote.  Thank You!



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