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Keep food warm/hot at your event with our FOOD WARMER. It comes with two candles, and you can choose to have one pan, two pans or three pans.



. F & B Equipment

. Dimensions of assembled Food Warmer: 661 mm (26") long from outer edge of one handle to outer edge of other handle x 356 mm (14") wide x 305 mm (12") high

. Dimensions of Single Pan: 330 mm (13") long x 483 mm (19" wide) x 63 mm(2.5") deep

. Dimensions of 1/2 Pan: 330 mm (13") long x 267 mm (10.5") wide x 63 mm(2.5") deep

. Dimensions of 1/3 Pan: 330 mm (13") long x 178 mm (7") wide x 63 mm (2.5") deep

. For use on a Level, Sturdy Table only Indoors or Under Cover (but not in a very windy place)

General Notes:

Our rental fees depend on the date, duration of rental and time of day, and our delivery fees depend on the location (i.e. which part of Singapore) and on the ease of access between the parking/ unloading area and the set-up location. Please give as much information as possible regarding when and where your event is taking place when you contact us for a quote.  Thank You!



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