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Get wet and wild with our BALLOON SPLASH game. Players get 3 chances to throw a ball at the target. If the target gets hit, a large water balloon will burst and water will rain down on anyone sitting or standing below the water balloon basket. This game comes with a bag of 100 flat, ready-to-be-filled balloons. More bags of balloons can be ordered if needed.

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet



. Floor-Standing Carnival Game (Wet Play)

. For 4 years and above including adults

. For 1 player and up to 6 "victims" at a time

. Requires a space of at least 3 m (10 ft) long x 3 m (10 ft) wide x 2.3 m (7.5 ft) high

. For use only on Flat, Stable Ground (but not on sand or bare soil or rough, uneven surfaces)

. For use only in areas with no strong wind (Indoors or Under Cover or Outdoors)

. Requires Direct and Exclusive access to ONE water point

General Notes:

For units which require electricity, our standard extension cords are 5 - 15m long.  Longer extension cords may be available upon request.

Our rental fees depend on the date, duration of rental and time of day, and our delivery fees depend on the location (i.e. which part of Singapore) and on the ease of access between the parking/ unloading area and the set-up location. If you'd like to get a quote, please give as much information as possible regarding when and where your event is taking place.  Thank You!



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